For the past several weeks my vision has been bothering me. In the past it’s happened periodically, after I’ve spent too many hours staring at a computer screen. Things get blurry, to the point that I have to stop writing. I’ve always chalked it up to eye strain, because after some rest I can see again. Ever since The Inevitable Crash™ my eyesight hasn’t been bouncing back. It’s probably an incremental thing that goes back further than that. I can see distance just fine. Right now there are people down on the beach, splashing around in the lake, and I they’re clear as day. There’s no strain to see the television. But my laptop screen, my phone, and even books[…]

Yesterday I did not write a blog post for this 31 Days of Self-Care Challenge. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the opportunity. I was just having a good time and decided to blow it off. Taking a long walk on a beautiful day was a much higher priority for me than cranking out 300 words of questionably useful advice. That’s the self-care tip that I didn’t write about: skip something only you care about. Katie and I had errands that we needed to run. We had lunch at one of our favorite places. I got to go to a shop I rarely get to visit, and bought myself a little something shiny — yes I actually spent a couple[…]

Today I’m going off script, because this isn’t what I was supposed to write about. All of the other “31 Days of Self-Care” topics have been pulled from lists compiled by other people. I haven’t cited any sources because most of these lists say the same things with the wording changed. They’ve likely copied from one another, adding or deleting things, and I haven’t been able to locate the headwaters of this particular metaphorical Nile. I’ve been writing this daily series to keep myself in the blogging habit. It’s been a way to build trust with you, the reader, that I’m going to be consistent in my posting (even though, starting in June, I’m cutting back to twice per week[…]

Get up 30 minutes early and cook yourself a slow breakfast as an act of self-care. Take two or three small potatoes per person, washed well and with the skins still on, and boil them. When their skins are loose and a fork goes into them easily, take them out and rinse them on cold water. They should still be a bit firm, not mushy. Slice them in half lengthwise. In a frying pan add a tablespoon of cooking oil and a pat of butter. Yes, real butter. Set the stove to medium heat, and move the pan around so the oil and butter mix as the butter melts. You use both because you want the butter flavor, but the[…]

Over the past several weeks I’ve been playing around with various journaling styles. My goal has been to manage my professional productivity, while making sure I don’t overlook my self-care needs. One best practice that has been effective on both counts has been to keep a daily list of accomplishments. My daily log page is split into two columns. The left-hand column is then split into three blocks of time: morning, afternoon, and evening. I don’t have many appointments, so there’s no need for an hourly breakdown. If I do have, say, a meeting at 11am, I write it in the morning block, highlighting it or just using a color gel pen so it stands out. The right-hand column is[…]