Back between the first and second issue, I told Patreon backers that I was going to give HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror a six-issue commitment. After that I’d re-evaluate. If it was selling well, I’d keep going. If it was only selling okay, but I felt it was having some sort of impact based on the feedback I received, I’d keep going. As long as I had something worthwhile to say, was getting some pleasure out of doing it, and it nourished my creative soul (yeah, I just said that, barf), I’d keep going. Meh. No, seriously. It’s selling okay, but I could make more money doing something else. Or I could forgo the little bit of extra money[…]

At this point, realizing that there aren’t that many people here because reading is dead and civilization is over, I might as well think out loud about what I want to do with this blog. If anything, that is. My hope was to resurrect it, lure some old readers back, find some new readers, and rebuild it into something worthwhile. In my post-exhaustion world, the cost/benefit analysis of that says I’m crazy. There’s practically no chance that I could attract enough readers to make this worthwhile. I’m certainly not doing it for money. Even when a post draws in a lot of readers, there’s practically no engagement. I have no reason to write other than because I feel like writing[…]

When we first moved to Finland, I wanted to treat it as an extended writer’s retreat. Katie was going to be gone a lot of the time. I didn’t know anyone, and didn’t speak the language. The weather is cold, and it’s dark for months at a time. This was going to be the perfect opportunity to embrace my introverted nature. I could dig in, tune out, and focus on writing. Of course, the internet is still a thing that exists. Most of the people we meet here speak English, because it’s a university town with a high foreign population. I’m still an irredeemable workaholic. I know that a lot of people don’t understand what I do for a living.[…]