For the past couple of weeks I’ve been sick. All I’ve wanted to do is sleep. I’ve got friends who are Going Through Things™ and I’ve been trying to help them out as I’m able, which generally means being a sounding board and offering any advice I can come up with. There has also been drama, and while I will tolerate some of it for the sake of people genuinely having a hard time, there is just some rudeness, cruelty, and willful ignorance that I am over, and I’m about to intervene on behalf of my friends who are far too nice and way too tolerant of romper room tomfoolery. When coupled with deadlines and errands and things that must[…]

Next week’s favorite things will be about my most favorite person! On Sunday 11 March Katie and I will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary! Here are my favorite things this week – 4 March 2018. It’s going to sound sick and twisted that this is one of my favorite things, but I’m glad a teacher in Georgia fired off a gun in school and barricaded himself in a classroom until police came to get him. No one was hurt, which is why I’m okay with putting it on my list. Why does this make me happy? Because it made at least some of the people who were in favor of arming teachers pause for a beat and rethink their position.[…]

It’s been a rough week to try and stay positive, so let’s try to lighten things up a bit, if only for a few minutes. These are my favorite things of the week for 25 February 2018. Vegetable coconut curry. I had this at a local restaurant a few months back, and it seemed so simple that I had to try making it at home. We’ve had it a few times,  and I’ve been tweaking it to taste. Basically, with no subtlety at all, I melt some ghee, add rough-chopped onion, sliced carrots, diced potato, strips of red bell paper, whole green beans, and cauliflower cut into evenly-sized pieces into a pot. I pour coconut milk over that, add whatever[…]

These are my favorite things of the week for 18 February 2018. Sunday dinner is a tradition that Katie and I have. While most of the meals I prepare throughout the week are simple and frugal, this is the one day where I try to get a little bit fancy. Everything from scratch, or as close to it as possible. Last week I roasted a chicken, made spinach potatoes au gratin with real cream, and baked an apple tart. I actually haven’t figured out what I’m making today. It’s also the one meal where I make enough to have leftovers. On Sundays we also tend to watch documentaries. If you love pop music I highly recommend The Wrecking Crew, which[…]

Welcome to the one day of the week where I try to tune out all of the negativity and focus on the things that make me happy! Here are my favorite things this week, 11 February 2018. I was reading an old tabletop roleplaying game from the 1980s. There was a blurb stating that if you had any questions, they should be phrased in a way that could be answered yes or no and mailed to the address provided. Be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope, and they’ll get back to you. No email back then, no social media, not even phone support. I am considering doing this on a future game, just to make peoples’ heads explode. It’s technically[…]