There are things that I want to say through this blog, and to some degree I’ve been starting to say them. But there are also reasons why I’m holding back. Here are 3 reasons why my blogging is a disaster. 1. My Area of Expertise is Me Who the hell wants to read about me? I mean, seriously? Most of my friends don’t even read this blog, so why would total strangers? There are things that I could talk about that actually could be interesting, like dealing with my anxiety disorder and living in Finland, but I don’t for… reasons. The reasons I hold back would probably make for fascinating reading too, but I’m currently too self-conscious and, well, did I[…]

In this episode, Katie and Berin talk about having fewer things of better quality. They discuss the peace of mind that comes from not owning a car, enjoying smaller portions of artisanal ice cream, and the self-esteem boost that comes when the important objects in your life are nice things. Special Thanks Pertti Ankkuri Petri Nurmi Gary Weller Support Our Patreon Websites & Social Media Katie’s Instagram: Berin’s Twitter: Music Credits Opening Sting: Mature Sounds by Jingle Punks Closing Tag: Cartoon Bank Heist by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions

I wanted to give you an update on my exhaustion and recovery. It’s been not quite two months since I crashed and burned out. My original expectation was that I could slow down, catch up, and be back to “normal” within a couple of weeks. I cut everything out of my schedule except binding obligations, the things I needed to do to pay the bills, and much-needed self work. All of the unavoidable commitments are now complete and off my plate. I thought that at this point I’d start adding back-burnered projects back in. I’m actually still making cuts. It’s one of those situations where in addressing the damage you keep finding more, deeper damage. I’m fine. I’m okay. Things[…]

Here is a brief update on what’s going on with me right now. As I continue to find a better work/life balance and separate the personal from the professional, this will continue to change. For the moment, however, this is what my current reality looks like. My Personal Spaces This blog, aka Simplify – Create – Thrive, is very much my personal space. I’ll mention writing as part of the “create” part, but don’t expect me to spend much time plugging my current projects. I’m using it as an extension of my journalling and self-care routines, and I’m drawing post ideas from those. The things I share are hopefully useful and helpful to others. I’d like to foster more discussion[…]

A few days ago I wrote about doing all of my planning and journaling on paper. I’ve got my own format, and I use as much or as little notebook space in a day as I need. To be able to use that format consistently, I have a cheat sheet. The basic template is written on a piece of cardstock, which I use as a bookmark in the notebook. This is how I set about creating a Standard Operating Procedure card. My schedule is broken down into time blocks. All of these are two hours each, except for an hour for lunch and an hour for dinner. Those blocks are my fixed and immutable times where I have to be[…]