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It’s a Cliche to Delete Facebook, But It Works

This isn’t one of those “Everyone look at me, I am leaving Facebook, weep for my forthcoming absence, listen to my list of grievances” dramatic…

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A Brief Update on My Current Reality

Here is a brief update on what’s going on with me right now. As I continue to find a better work/life balance and separate the…


How I Finally Hacked Twitter

For those who don’t grasp what I’ve been doing (I’ve gotten some shade), I’m in the process of decluttering my life. Other people have stuff.…

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Why I Quit Goodreads

At the start of this year I made the decision to not participate in the Goodreads Readers Challenge this year. For me, it was driving…


I’m Writing an RPG Blog Again

In spite of what I said earlier in the week, I’ve taken up writing an RPG blog again. This is a limited-run endeavor, based on…

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