HUBRIS: 15 November 2020

This is HUBRIS: 15 November 2020 edition, the weekly newsletter where in my foolish self-confidence I believe I’ve written things worth reading.

Setting Up Dominos

A lot of my day job continues to be planning for 2021. The index, future log, and select project pages have already been setup in the bullet journal that will start on 1 January. I have notes on how I want to organize and maintain things. Even if it’s just an illusion, I feel prepared. The dominos have been set up. All I need to do is tap the first one and set things in motion.

I’ve reached a point with the business where I’m not in perpetual grind-and-react mode. For the first time I’m setting up a production schedule for the coming year. I can tell you what I expect to be working on next August. There is some slip built in, to account for the unexpected. I have time off built in. None of the release dates are firm, just sticks in the ground for me to aim at. The important thing is that this schedule is attainable, sustainable, and profitable. I don’t have to be in perpetual panic mode, worried about releasing something quickly so I can afford groceries.

What I Want to Create

Along with creating the production schedule, I needed to decide on what projects to work on. I started with three lists. The first was all of the things that I wanted to work on, ideas that I already had written down plus things that have been percolating in the back of my mind.

The second list was calendar-based. My publishing niche has seasons and events, and I want to have products that align with those. I also want to have things that align with mainstream holidays — a horror product for Halloween, for example. From there I can see what on the first list aligns with the second.

The final list is genres and niches within my publishing niche. I don’t necessarily want to have a product that ticks every possible box. The third list can give me some ideas on ways to spin the ideas from the first and second lists so I can provide some fresh takes. For example, maybe do a cyberpunk genre thing for Halloween that focuses on body horror. It’s a list to brainstorm around, if nothing else.

Christmas Came Early

Since 1 November I’ve been watching Christmas rom-coms almost daily. There’s a point in my day where I do what Katie calls plug-and-chug work, mindless and boring repetitive tasks that don’t need me to be in a flow state. I throw something on in the background to help the time pass.

No, the writing on these films isn’t necessarily great. The direction is workmanlike. There are massive plot holes everywhere. What I’m enjoying is that the main characters are by and large aggressively likeable and kind. I find myself not caring that the story makes no sense; I want the protagonist to succeed.

Unlike the bad science fiction, fantasy, and horror films that I used to turn to for similar escapism, there is rarely any violence in these films. That’s a huge plus. I’m tired of violence, especially when it’s presented as “cool”.

It’s definitely been a balm against the real world, where everything is on fire and people are consistently awful. No matter how morally simplistic it may be, watching good people do good things and coming out ahead is the type of fantasy I can get behind here on 15 November at the tail end of 2020.

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HUBRIS: 15 November 2020

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