Don’t Start Your Day Without A Plan

A note keeps popping up reminding me that I wanted to write a series of blog posts about creating journal templates. Specifically, what a journal template is, and suggestions for things that might go into different types of journals.

When I sit down to start writing it, I logically start considering the many ways that I use journals and the value I find in them, which is what made me want to write the series to begin with. That gets me to overthinking it, evaluating how I do things, and looking for better ways. Which makes me put off writing the articles. because I need more research, and I need to test things in my own journaling, and so on and so on and further down the rabbit hole we go.

While there are plenty of great digital solutions for journaling, I keep returning to pen on paper. I like the physicality of it. I like that I can draw, and paste things in, and collage, and add stickers. I like that I don’t need to be wired. I like that there are fewer distractions available other than the ones my mind creates. I like that a journal never rings or chirps or buzzes or vibrates. I like the old fashioned-ness of it.

Don’t Start Your Day Without A Plan

Journals are my primary tools in life. I get to make lists and flesh out plans, yes, but I also get to reflect. I get to take notes on what worked and why, so I remember to do that again, but I also get to comment on what didn’t work, and how that made me feel, and why, and how to avoid that pain and nonsense in the future. A journal is far more personal than any device or application could ever be, even though I could write the same things in a doc or a wiki or an app.

Writing in a journal is how I begin and end my day. I plan out what I want to do, and I get to check it off and make notes as I do it. I get a feeling or organization in the morning, a sense of control throughout the day, and a deep level of accomplishment at night when I can look at documentation of what I’ve done. In a confusing world I don’t feel adrift, because I have this solid object, this fetish, this totem, that holds my strength and my power for me and reminds me of who I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m going.

This is why I want to write these articles, and why I’m overthinking it. This is why I want to create more than just another set of bullet-pointed listicles.


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