Why I Plan Everything On Paper

To date I have yet to find an organization/productivity app or program that does everything that I need it to, the way I want it to. This one lacks a calendar. That one doesn’t offer checklists. The other thing places emphasis on things that are irrelevant to me, That’s why I plan everything on paper.

It does take me a few extra minutes every day to write things down. It’s more work than pressing a button or opening a link. My method requires me to carry a notebook around. Not as immediate as having things synced to my laptop and my phone. Not everything in life is about convenience, though. Doing things the best way more than compensates for not doing it the fast way.

This isn’t new for me. Until we moved to Finland I used composition books. I could make lists, plan a day, take notes. It allowed me use as much or as little space in a single day as I needed to. They don’t sell composition books here, at least nothing comparable to what I was used to. What’s commonly available lacks cardstock covers, and that just doesn’t work well for me. Recently I discovered a more solid, square-bound notebook at Flying Tiger, though, and it’s the right size with a sturdy cover.

Why I plan everything on paper is because I have complete control. It’s not a solution made for the masses that I have to somehow fit my needs into. A notebook is a bespoke journal and planner, with the information I need, organized the way I need it. Paper never requires an outlet to recharge or internet access. It gets me away from the myriad distractions of screens, and allows me to focus on the information that I need to capture, review, or organize without distraction.

What I’m Up to, Aside from Doing Everything on Paper

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