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You’ve created fantasy roleplaying characters before. Odds are that the focus of the system you used was on the crunchy bits. The process tacked background details on at the end that may not have been relevant to the adventures you played. Most of the time, your character’s back story ended up as the storytelling equivalent of a dump stat. It’s disappointing, it’s wasteful, and it doesn’t leave you with the satisfying roleplaying experience you were looking for.

The abilities your character has will hook them into the setting by default. Their connection to the adventure might be tenuous at best. A degree of motivational handwavium and plot contrivance serves to get you, the player, a seat at the table so the game can go on. Beyond that, it’s up to you to make you character’s background relevant. You have to put in the work to make them more than a collection of special abilities and bonuses. But what if it weren’t that way? What if the character, the setting, and the story were all intrinsically tied together within the fantasy roleplaying adventure?

I wrote Character Theory to help you create characters with relevant connections to worldbuilding and storytelling. You’ll be able to use the details about your character to make your fantasy gaming experience interesting, unique, and personal. This supplement is for use with any game system, or any setting, and will help you to develop elements that unite character, setting, and story to create a more fulfilling roleplaying experience.

About the Foragers Guild Guide Series

Most tabletop roleplaying manuals will tell you everything that you need to know about running a game. At the same time, they offer precious little information on how to tell a story. There will be a wealth of advice on how to build a world and develop a setting, but not much on what you should do with those details once you have them. You’ll find volumes on how to maximize your character’s abilities and put them to the best tactical use, but not much on how to use that character to help bring that world to life and tell the story. The Foragers Guild series is for everyone harboring a desire to create better fantasy adventures, no matter what system or setting you’re using.

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