Now on Amazon: HUBRIS Issue 1

The premiere issue of HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror is now available on Amazon in Kindle format! This monthly zine about the horrors of the modern world made possible thanks to my wonderful sponsors on Patreon! Patrons also get access to the PDF and EPUB versions on the zine!

In This Issue

  • Welcome to HUBRIS
    Why HUBRIS?
    What is Cultural Horror?
    Why a Zine, Not a Blog?
    Pacified by Entertainment
    When I Say I’m Not Feeling Well
    My Life on Mars
    What Creators Owe Their Fans
    On Being an Immigrant
    Angels and Ministers of Grace, Defend Me from Foreigners Riding Bicycles in the Snow
    On Being Insufferable
    Age of Consent
    Evangelical Satanism
    On Believing Women
    Put Yourself in Their Place
    A Hopeful Note
    Next Issue

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