Email is the New Email

Following the announcement that Patreon crashing and burning harder than [insert another website that used to be cool but collapsed because of some stupid business decision], a lot of creators have been talking about switching to newsletters. YouTube is making it harder for creators to monetize things. Twitter is a Nazi-infested hellhole. Facebook’s algorithm makes it difficult for followers to see your posts. Everything is terrible and everything is awful. The best way to connect with people is via that antiquated, uncool Web 0.1 app, email.

You can’t see me, but I’m sitting here taking a sip of coffee and looking smug.

The majority of my success as a small press publisher is because of email. The majority of the sales I get are generated by email. I send out messages to past customers whenever I release something new. I’ve got 49 best sellers as of this writing because of email. I have tracked incoming links from Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and various forms of advertising, and email is where it’s at.

I also refuse to do business via any medium other than email. This has pissed off some people. No, I will not conduct business via Facebook Messenger. No, we cannot discuss contracts via Twitter PM. I want a documentation trail. I want to be able to go back and see who said what, when, and be able to see what everyone agreed to. That’s damned near impossible on social media. If you think that I’m ridiculous for not embracing the Hot New App™*, well, I think you’re more ridiculous for rejecting something as proven and stable as email.

For the people who think that email is difficult to manage, I submit that it’s a poor craftsman that blames their tools. Pick a decent email client and take an hour to set up folders and filters. Then set a schedule where you check email consistently once or twice a day. Ignore it the rest of the time so it isn’t a distraction. The same way you allegedly ignore social media when working. Learn how to label things. Create a system of desktop folders to download attachments to, so you can find them easily. It’s not that friggin’ hard.

If you scroll to the bottom of this page you can subscribe to this blog via email, and get notified when I post something new. Which is going to be every weekday at around 6am EST (America’s baseline spacetime reality), which is 13:00 EET (my time). I’m trying to limit my post length to around 500 words, so it’s easily digestible.

*Subrant: At what point did we throw out the two-syllable word “program” and replace it with the single-syllable diminutive form of the four-syllable word “application”? Why does this annoy me?

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