Let’s Talk About Deadlines

There were about a half-dozen ranty things that I almost wrote about this morning. Working myself up into a frenzy is not productive, though. Getting sucked into arguments with fact-resistance people is a waste of my time. I’d prefer to not be in a sour mood all day. Mood affects your ability to work, and I’ve got deadlines.

This is all part of the minimalist philosophy of getting rid of the things that you don’t want in order to make space for the things that you do. I need to get a lot of writing done today, so being in a good mood helps. As does eliminating distractions. Social media, and even email, are on the blacklist until this draft is finished.

I think that everyone should have deadlines. Whether you work in a creative field or not, there should be something time-sensitive in your life to keep you focused. Not only does it develop good discipline that carries over into other things, it keeps you out of trouble. It’s the old adage about idle hands. People who are too busy trying to complete something don’t have time to read unsourced fake news or participate in pointless arguments with ignorant goons on social media.

So I’ve got a Christmas tree and fireplace streaming on the television. The crackling fire is soothing, and is good white noise against the bumps and thumps of neighbors milling around inside their apartments. The grinding of the snow plows running doesn’t bother me much, because we’ve got enough snow now that it dampens the sound. Because it’s National Violin Day*, I’ve tuned my streaming service to classical Christmas instrumentals. It’s not all violin, but there’s some violin, so it counts.

*Also, according to some sources, World Violin Day. As opposed to International Violin Day, which is June 17. Or National Fiddle Day, which is the third Saturday in May. We really need a single global body that regulates all of these days to eliminate redundancy. The United States would oppose it, of course.

One thought on “Let’s Talk About Deadlines

  1. Deadlines are good for the soul. As are goals to which those deadlines apply. Lately with the renovation-and-moving-and-fixing-paperwork circus, I’ve only had time to check on social media (non-errands-related email, and even the news) in snatches, such as in-between unpacking a crate of dishes and dragging a sack of clothing to/from the car. I’m exhausted, mentally and physically, but at least I haven’t had many rage fits over all the garbage that flows by way of news.

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