Digging In Until After Christmas

Today I’m making my last trip out of the apartment until after Christmas. It’s an exciting stock-up run at the grocery store for extra staples like milk, bread, eggs, and coffee. The 24th, 25th, and 26th are officially national holidays, so I don’t expect anything to be open. The later in the week it gets, the more crowded the stores will be, and while there’s nothing here that compares to Christmas shopping in the US, I can still do without the mess.

Yesterday we went out and finished the normal holiday grocery shopping. We bought a couple of bottles of glögi at the liquor store, along with a small bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream to spike our coffee with. At the grocery store we got a Yule ham (because ham for Christmas here is like turkey for Thanksgiving in the US) and the regular groceries for the week. Then we grabbed a sandwich and a coffee at a cafe for lunch. Very unexciting, but very pleasant.

Later today Katie’s going to a party. I’m also invited, but probably won’t go because of deadlines. I mean, I maight. I want to. But the second issue of HUBRIS comes out next Wednesday. The next Foragers Guild Guide comes out two days later. I’ll be working through the holidays. Mainly because our Finnish residence comes up for renewal again in April and I need to be making that money.

It’s going to be a low-key Christmas. We’ll talk more about it on the podcast this weekend, but the plan is to just eat, drink, and watch movies.

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