It’s a Working Holiday

We’re headed into a four-day weekend for most people in Finland. Sunday is Christmas Eve and Monday is Christmas Day, or course. Tuesday is the Feast of St. Stephen, officially known as the Second Day of Christmas (seriously), and also a national holiday. Almost everything is closed. Movie theaters, grocery stores, and restaurants open for limited hours. A lot of small family-owned businesses won’t reopen until after the New Year, possibly not until after Epiphany. For me, though, it’s a working holiday.

I’m not doing anything different that usual, other than taking Monday off. I’ll make a big pancake breakfast, and bake a ham for dinner. Beyond that Katie and I will probably watch Star Wars movies and a documentary series about toys, drink coffee, and nosh on cookies and chocolates. For the rest of the holiday we’ll eat a little better, having some special foods only available at this time of the year. We’ll listen to Christmas music and watch holiday movies and specials. But I’ll still be parked at my laptop writing, editing, and doing layout.

The new issue of HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror comes out on Wednesday. The next Foragers Guild Guide is scheduled for release next Friday. When I set up the Patreon campaigns and the release dates for these projects, I was fully aware of the dates. I didn’t schedule around them to give myself time off for the holidays because there were more important considerations. Having a work schedule that I can comfortably manage and maintain was one of them. Getting things up and running, and increasing my income, prior to our residence renewal in April was another. Nothing on my plate or in my schedule is more important than maintaining our residence in Finland.

We’ll talk more about our Christmas, and Christmas in Finland, on this Sunday’s episode of the Proof of Life podcast.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Working Holiday

  1. What is the documentary series about toys? Sounds like something I might enjoy!

    Merry Christmas!

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