Why I Write HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror

Someone actually wrote to me and asked why I’m bothering to run a Patreon that has 3 backers. From the tone it wasn’t an “I am intellectually curious and wonder what your end game might be” sort of question. It was more of a “Ha ha you’re a loser wasting his time tilting at windmills” sort of email. I’m considering putting together a nice list of hobbies that people could potentially take up, to use as a response to that sort of “feedback”. So I want to talk about why I write HUBRIS, and why I write in general.

There are three reasons that I take on writing projects. The first is for money. During the time between the release of the first issue of HUBRIS and the second I also released two roleplaying game books, both of which became best sellers. I have 50 best selling titles total. Hmm, and I have 50 titles total. Which means they’re all best sellers. So wow, yeah, what a loser I am.

The second reason I write is for fun. In addition to the money, I write game stuff because it’s a blast. I pay my rent doing something I enjoy! While I use this blog to promote my other projects, I mainly do this for fun, too. It’s cool to reach out and say hi to people.

The final reason I write is for my mental health. There are things that I keep in my personal journals, but there also things that I feel I need to put out into the world. I can get things out of my system, and then move on to other projects. It’s cathartic. However, they’re not the sorts of things I just want to put out for everyone. Like, let’s see, people who write to ask questions like why I have a Patreon with only 3 backers. I can imagine what that sort of person would have to say about the actual content. I’m not charging money to turn a profit. I’m using money to filter readers, so the lookie-loos will go away.

Plus, HUBRIS actually sells fairly well on Amazon, much to my surprise. So it’s not the waste of time you might think it is.


The new issue of HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror is available now to patrons. Everyone else can buy it at Amazon next Tuesday, 2 January 2018.

3 thoughts on “Why I Write HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror

  1. I was wondering how it had gone with Amazon for the first issue, so I’m glad to hear the good news!
    Also, as one of The Three, that person can goo suck a sour citrus fruit.

  2. And I thank you for your patronage.

    I understand that it’s a weird niche thing. Even if I had no patrons, I’m learning some thing. It serves a purpose for me. I’ve committed to do 6 issues, during with time I’m not going to mess with anything. At that point if I want or need to make any changes, I will. That includes cancelling it because it doesn’t fit in my schedule, or reader interest wanes, or I want to go to every-other month or quarterly, I will. But I’m giving it 4 more issues with the original vision before I tweak.

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