What I Got for Christmas

On Christmas morning Katie and I slept in. When we did get up I made pancakes, bacon, and eggs for breakfast. In the afternoon I made a Yule ham, along with duck fat potatoes and corn (Katie’s request). Throughout the day we¬†drank coffee, ate chocolates, and watched the original Star Wars trilogy. Katie got to work on some dolls she’s been making. Other than cooking, I got to do absolutely nothing. That’s what I got for Christmas — a peaceful day with my wife, who is also my best friend.

But Berin, some people are still asking, what did you get? Stuff! Swag! PRESENTS!

Nothing. We didn’t do presents again this year.

Neither of us things that conspicuous consumption is the reason for the season. Jesus said a lot about helping the poor, healing the sick, and welcoming the stranger. There’s nothing in the Bible about spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like. Or buying the affection of your family and friends with excessive amounts of stuff.

If a gift is worth giving, it’s worth giving at any time. Katie buy me little things as surprises when she finds them. I do the same for here. If someone needs your love and attention, you should give it to them then rather than saving it for a special day. When there are things you need, get them as you’re able. If there are things that you want, acquire them as it’s practical.

Katie has all of the art supplies she needs and wants at the moment. I have more books to read than I’ll ever get to in my lifetime. We’d both rather make things than buy them.

When we got married we didn’t have a huge wedding. We decided that we’d rather have a marriage that lasts a lifetime than a party that lasts for a day. Our feelings on Christmas are sort of the same. We’d rather have a happy life all years, doing fun things when the opportunity arises, spending time with each other and with friends as we’re able, picking up material things when it makes sense to do so, than to pile all of this pressure and importance and artificial expectations onto one day.


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