Now on Amazon: HUBRIS Issue 2

The premiere issue of HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror is now available on Amazon in Kindle format! This monthly zine about the horrors of the modern world made possible thanks to my wonderful sponsors on Patreon! Patrons also get access to the PDF and EPUB versions on the zine!

In This Issue

  • No Longer a One-Hit Wonder
    It’s Always Been a Gig Economy for Creators
    Revenge, Justice, and the Rights of the Child
    Not Everything is a Transaction
    When You Say You’re Confused
    Making Trickle-Down Economics Work
    About Your Ruined Childhood
    Shut the Fuck Up and Get Your Shit Straight
    On Picking Your Battles
    Sticking My Head in the Sand
    The Things I Stand For
    Foreign Correspondent
    Art as Experience
    Essential Liberty and Temporary Safety
    The Unexceptional Majority
    Resolute (Reprise)
    A Hopeful Note
    Next Issue

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