My Roleplaying Game Plans for 2018

This probably qualifies as an announcement, but I’m keeping it low-key for now. That’s why I’m posting it here, and not in Dancing Lights Press spaces. There will be a Foragers Guild roleplaying game. I’ve got enough ideas for the setting, and the mechanics, that I think it’s worth putting yet another fantasy roleplaying game out into the world. It won’t be part of the Foragers Guild Guide series on Patreon, but it will build on material contained in it. I’m not announcing any release dates, other than a desire to get it done by the end of the year. Other than having a Scrivener file full of notes, I haven’t started on it yet. It does comprise, however, the entirety of my roleplaying game plans for 2018.

Other games that I’ve discussed, or announced, will be folded into it. Those will become campaigns, or expansion, or incorporated into the main setting. Witchfinder Covenant will no longer be an alternate-historical game about witchcraft during the English Civil War; it will be a sourcebook for the fantasy setting, inspired by the the events of that time and place. Brimstone and Gall won’t be a separate pirate game, but will cover piracy, seafaring, and related topics as the exist within the Foragers Guild world.

It will be build on the next iteration of the Lighthouse Roleplaying System. There will be refinements. I want to build out a few things, and streamline a couple of others. The end result will keep the core ethos of the system in place, the simplicity and the narrative heart of it, while more closely resembling what people expect from a fantasy roleplaying game. That’s all I’m going to explain at the moment.

This deviates from my original intentions, obviously. When I graduated from business school I had a 5-year plan, and my mentors and advisers loved it. While 5-year plansĀ  made sense before the internet, things change too quickly. What made perfect sense, and was viable and achievable 3 years ago is unworkable today. Markets change, and small businesses like me have to adapt. I’ve also learned things since I launched Dancing Lights Press in the middle of 2016, and this focus will take that into account.

This is economically viable and balances my current capabilities with growth potential. There are things that I’ve wanted to do within the fantasy genre, but also things outside of that genre. The reality is that in this niche industry, fantasy is the 800 pound gorilla that will always dominate the market. I got to thinking about how I could incorporate the sorts of ideas I want to explore within the realm of fantasy, and I found a way to do it. I think it will be fun, exciting, and different.

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