Cilantro, Tomato, and Turkish Yogurt

My anxiety is starting to spiral a bit. I’m being careful about how much social media I consume, and what I say in public. There are any number of subjects that I’d like to chime in on, but I don’t trust myself to be objective and reserved. So today I’m going to talk about cilantro, tomato, and Turkish yogurt.

I know that not everyone can eat cilantro (known here as coriander, or korianteri). There’s a genetic thing that makes it taste like soap to some people. Katie feels bad for you, because you’re missing out on so much. It’s a staple of so much South Asian and Mexican cuisine.

Sour cream isn’t a thing here, so we’ve adapted to using Turkish yogurt. The consistency is about the same, and to me it really doesn’t taste like yogurt. It’s a good substitution. And it’s also a good source of extra protein.

One thing we can always get are good tomatoes. No matter what time of year it is, the stores have nice looking tomatoes of all varieties, and at a decent price. While I have to exercise moderation because of my stomach issues, they’re a staple. Fresh tomatoes go with just about anything.

These three things, cilantro, tomatoes, and Turkish yogurt, are part of my cooking arsenal. They brighten everything from soups to leftovers. Diced tomatoes and a dollop of yogurt on top of an omelet. Cilantro on some fried rice. Yogurt and cilantro on top of a nice curry. Everything feels fresher and lighter and fancier.

This is simple living. It’s quality of life. Sometimes it’s more important to stop and appreciate things like cilantro, tomatoes, and Turkish yogurt than anything happening on Facebook, Twitter, or the news. For the sake of your own mental health, in the spirit of self-care, you need to tune out the noise and nonsense and just enjoy something.

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