They Remodeled My Favorite Grocery Store

Last week I went to my favorite grocery store for one of my twice-weekly shopping trips and it was closed! They were shut down for three days for a reset, which is crazy because I though it was perfect the way it was. I like it because it’s spacious and open, with wide aisles and low shelves. You can stand anywhere in the store and see everywhere in the store. At least, you could. They remodeled my favorite grocery store!

I’ve been shopping in this same store since we first arrived in Finland. They have 99% of what I need at reasonable prices. It’s withing comfortable walking distance in any weather. I know — I knew — where everything was, which is convenient because I’m one of those people that makes a grocery list the conforms to how the story is laid out. The item at the top of the list is the thing closest to the front door, and the last thing on the list is nearest to the cash register. I am a commando shopper.

When the store reopened Katie went with me, and it was stressful. It was crowded, partially because lookie-loos wanted to see, partially because the place had been closed and people needed to shop. The shelves are now very tall, typical of most supermarkets. Bleh. It now looks like any other grocery store. They also narrowed the aisles to add one more row, so the overall result was claustrophobic.

They’ve got more stuff. Big whoop. I went there for the experience as much as the price and selection. As a matter of fact, when they were closed I went to another store that I wasn’t familiar with, and didn’t spend much more money. And I was wandering around just as confused because I don’t normally shop there, and didn’t know where anything was.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s comforting to be whining about this and not, you know, what racist comment a world leader made today, or which civil rights are being stripped away from what group of people, or who’s threatening to nuke whom this week. My worst problem is that my grocery shopping has become mildly inconvenient. Go me! My life is pretty good. On the other hand, in this strange and unstable world, I like the comfortable mundanity of being able to do my shopping on autopilot because I knew the store like the back of my hand.

I’m sure that in a few weeks I’ll be familiar with the new layout. It’ll normalize. I’ll keep going there because I know the brands and like the prices. As much as I hate the narrower aisles and taller shelves, I’ll get over it. Until then, I’m going to stay off of the internet and celebrate that this is the worst thing I can complain about today.

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