My Favorite Things This Week – 21 January 2018

This has been a rough week, but I’m not here to talk about that! This is the weekly post here I talk about nothing but the good stuff! Here are my favorite things this week, 21 January 2018.

  1. I am currently enjoying the power of naps. Yes, I am aware that I am speaking from privilege because I am self-employed and make my own schedule. I also don’t have paid vacation or sick time and work 60+ hours per week, 7 days a week to make fast food wages. So suck it, I’m not apologizing for the few perks that come with this job. Between chronic pain and anxiety I don’t sleep well at night. Letting go of the “just power through” mentality and giving myself permission to go have a lie-down for 20-30 minutes when I need it has been amazing.
  2. That said, I’ve had Gaga: Five Foot Two on as background noise a few times this week. As a creative person with chronic pain issues, it’s nice to see that someone more talented and successful than I can ever hope to be has the same sorts of struggles that I do. Her hip injury sounds nearly identical to my own, so I can empathize. I know the battle between being a driven and intense workaholic and having a body that just does not want to cooperate at the worst possible moments.
  3. What I like about Reggie Yates’ Outside Man is that it neither fetishizes the topics nor presents them as absolute doom-and-gloom scenarios. It’s a documentary series that focuses on people in bad situations, and the host’s compassionate and admirably human reactions to them. It’s nice to be given cold, hard facts and still be left with some sense that there’s still hope in the world.
  4. I wrote about tomato, cilantro, and Turkish yogurt earlier in the week. I would like to add that having bell pepper, cucumber, and a jar of nice salsa hanging around also provides opportunities to freshen things up. There may be a sequel post on the offing.
  5. Did I write about setting alarms on my phone to remind me to take breaks every couple of hours, putting the phone across the room so that I can’t look at it but have to get up to turn the alarm off, and putting the laptop into airplane mode so I can’t get online (or get notifications) when I’m working? If I did, I just wrote it again. I did that this week, and it made me happy. Distraction-free creativity is happy.
  6. I published another book. 

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