Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water

Yesterday’s post offended some people, because of course it did. I feel as if I’ve won some twisted game of internet bingo. People unfollowed me? Check! Someone twisted what I wrote to fit their agenda? Check! A “friend” concern trolled me? Check! I was accused of being intolerant because I don’t want to deal with toxic people? Check! A rando got hostile because they didn’t like what I said? Bingo!

The lesson, once again, is that if I’d simply kept quiet there wouldn’t be an issue. Without even delving into specific topics, everything I predicted would happen, did. I wrote a post saying that there are things I don’t want to write about, because current culture problems stifle civil discourse. That was close enough to set off a few dog whistles. I should have just faded into the background, rather than discussing why I was feeling this urge to withdraw.

Everything is risk/reward. I have a finite number of hours in a day, and a finite number of days in my life (as do we all — don’t read into that and concern troll me further). How do I want to spend them? Tilting at windmills? Arguing with strangers? Fighting over trivial nonsense? I’d rather spend my time on things that bring me joy. Creating things. Trying, against the odds, to just put some positive things out in the world, for the people that will find them and appreciate them.

So I’m done for a while. I need to go full Salinger for a bit. If you want to find me, listen to the podcast. Read the zine. Download a Forager’s Guild Guide.

2 thoughts on “Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water

  1. Sometimes I think computers have gotten too popular. I’ve been at this since 300 baud modems were state of the art. We have always had trolls, but until the Web became part of the internet they were easily discouraged. Now hysterical overreaction has become the new normal.

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