I’m Ignoring the World Until Wednesday (at Least)

Normally I don’t blog on Saturdays, but as I’m not actively engaged with social media at the moment I felt I should drop something here. I’m ignoring the world until Wednesday at the earliest, after which I can take a moment to catch my breath from this dead run that I’ve been on, and catch up on some correspondence and other lower-priority things.

My email is not currently sitting at Inbox Zero, and I’m fine with that. Anything that’s urgent has been responded to. I haven’t looked at social media in days, but I’m sure there’s a queue in Facebook Messenger, and a bunch of Twitter PM’s waiting for me, in total disregard to the number of times I’ve told people I do not use them.

No, seriously. It happens a lot. Someone sends me something on Messenger, I tell them to email me and give them my address, and they keep talking on Messenger.

I’m supposed to respect their disdain for email, but they can think I’m a jerk for refusing to conduct business over social media. I can clearly articulate my reasons for rejecting Facebook and Twitter as professional communication tools, but I’m supposed to accept statements like “email is so 2005” and “email = death” as ample justification for not using that medium. Yeah, I’m the rude one.

I’m not even going to offer up the usual song-and-dance about deadlines, projects I can’t talk about, or my physical and mental health. I shouldn’t have to provide explanations to people making demands on my time. “I’m busy” should suffice, and it’s going to have to going forward. I have a business to run. I’ve got stuff to do, and no one else is going to do it for me. So please, excuse me, I’ve got to get back to work now.

Check this space. Go to the bottom of the page and subscribe to see daily blog posts via antiquated email. Give me more lip and I’ll buy a fax machine and a flock of carrier pigeons. Otherwise, I’ll get back to you at the end of the week.

One thought on “I’m Ignoring the World Until Wednesday (at Least)

  1. I am all with you about a flock of carrier pigeons (I hate fax machines with an Office Space passion). If people give you BS about wanting to use email, or can’t wait for their non-urgent questions to be answered, it’s their problem (or, to use their words their = death). Good luck Getting Sh*t Done.

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