My Favorite Things This Week – 28 January 2018

If there was a theme in my life this week, it was vyāpāda. Here are my favorite things this week – 28 January 2018.

  1. Having the clarity to see what I needed, both for my business and my own self-care.
  2. Having the resolve to follow through on what I needed to do, even though it didn’t hew to conventional wisdom.
  3. Having the patience to speak less and listen more, including listening to my body, my moods, and my own advice.
  4. Having the strength to walk away from all manner of pointless nonsense.
  5. Having the best sales week, ever, and seeing my business plan validated and vindicated.
  6. Having the time and the quiet to meditate more.
  7. Having the calm, conviction, and trust to be far more present in my own life.
  8. Having the overall discipline to make all of the above knit together effectively.

I won’t be answering any questions.



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