Creative People in Flame Wars

In this episode, Katie and Berin talk about creatives who publicly feud with other creatives, and what those sorts of ad hominem attacks say about the culture and the state of critical thinking in the zeitgeist. They also discuss a hypothetical venn diagram where circles labeled “icy weather” and “old injuries” overlap in a section marked “getting old”.

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  1. I’m not surprised this was the topic, given the events of the past week. I’m glad you talked about this, because it’s been on my mind a lot. Your experience this past week was a tipping point for me, and I ended up writing a post on the subject which goes live tomorrow, as well as drastically changing my online participation habits.

  2. It’s painful, because I want to connect with people, but I don’t want to have to crawl through all of the vitriol — whether it’s justified or not — to have a little fun and catch up with friends.

  3. Absolutely. I keep trying to figure out what’s the solution, which is why I was thinking about literary societies some time back. The closest I can come to is having a closed group of select people, but I’m still not sure that’s the right thing to do.

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