There’s Writing, and There’s Writing-Writing

This is going to be a bit of an eclectic post, but I’m trying something different for the next few days. I want to be a little bit more in-the-moment, a bit more off-the-cuff. especially since this is now my substitute for social media. I’m also going to be rotating through different headers, using my own photos, so you won’t have to keep looking at the same picture over and over. There’s minimalism, and then there’s just being ridiculous.

The new issue of HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror is out now. My patrons on Patreon already have access to the files, and it will be available on Amazon shortly. For those just tuning in, it’s called HUBRIS as an open acknowledgement that it’s a vanity project. If I wanted to be any more crass I could have titled it BERIN, but I already have a website with my name on it so that felt like overkill. Anyway, while some of the writing in the zine is experimental and stream of consciousness (not unlike, you know, this post) I do try to make it entertaining, informative and worth reading. It is fun to write. The other writing I do — the stuff for money — is a bit more polished and tailored to the audience, which doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun, but it’s certainly more like work. It’s writing-writing, even with paper helper.

Today is actually a rare day off for me. Which means I’ll be dealing with things other than writing an publishing. Katie’s going with me to the grocery store. It’s supposed to be sunny and -10 degrees, so we’re walking down and taking the bus back. The rest of the day will be answering personal emails, taking a nap, and reading. Tomorrow I’m spending the morning hanging around a cafe, meeting Katie after class, and hitting some museums. Then Saturday it’s back to work, because I’m dropping another Foragers Guild Guide next week.

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