My Favorite Things This Week – 4 February 2018

Sunday is the day I make pancakes, release a new podcast, and tell you about the stuff that made me happy over the past several days. Here are my favorite things for this week, 4 February 2018.

  • There’s a fan/customer who sends me a thank you note every time I release a book. It is incredibly sweet because it’s so above-and-beyond. Nice people do exist.
  • My favorite show at the moment is Somebody Feed Phil, currently on Netflix. In every episode lovable goof Phil Rosenthal travels to a different place, meets the local people, and eats amazing food. It’s got warmth and humor, and amounts to pure bliss. I cannot recommend this show enough.
  • I’m currently on a fish taco bender. Broil some fish. Nice soft tortillas. I’ve been doing lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and some paprika mayonnaise to taste. That’s alternated with stir-fried cabbage, a little rice, and some sweet chili sauce. It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s relatively healthy.
  • Because I tend to snack on crackers — no salt, no sugar — and I’m trying to eat fewer carbs, I’ve got a giant bowl of apples sitting near me. I love apples. Why have I not been noshing on apples all along?
  • The feud between Awful Girl and Tired Sandwich is the sort of thing that social media should be all about. It wouldn’t make any sense if I tried to explain it. The whole thing is a zen koan wrapped in an issue of Doom Patrol stuffed inside a gas station microwave burrito.
  • My new favorite phrase is “messianic capitalism“, but I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.
  • Finnish President Sauli Niinist√∂ had a busy 24 hours this week. He was sworn in for his second turn, and this his wife Jenni Haukio gave birth to a baby boy! Congratulations!

I’ve been trying to keep this list from becoming all about media I consume, because seriously, live your life and make things and unplug once in a while, people!

At the same time, I also have to try to keep it from becoming all about food, because I do love food. And yet here we are, with two items that are food and one that’s a show about food. Oh, and I started this post off talking about pancakes. Yeesh.


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