Try Changing the Channel

Imagine you’re watching television. Like, real television, not content streaming on your phone. You watched a show that you liked, but the next thing coming on doesn’t interest you. Somehow, you manage to sit through it. Then the next thing is boring, and the thing after that. You could try changing the channel, but that would require so much effort. It’s much easier to just sit and absorb what the programmers at the channel you’re stuck on have decided you should watch, even if it doesn’t interest you.

That sounds absolutely insane, right? We know that people sit with the remote in their hand, clicking through random channels until they spot something good. It’s not that hard. One little click and you’re someplace else. If the random surfing doesn’t satisfy, there are streaming services that can show you what you want, when you want. With very little effort, you can move from seeing what other people want to show you, to picking what you want to watch. It is an amazing world we live in.

What’s the point I’m trying to make? That people who won’t leave their social media site of choice to go read a blog are full of crap. “Oh, if you don’t post the whole thing on Facebook I won’t read it” and “oh, you should make that a thread on Twitter” or “Why don’t you read it into a camera for me and post it on YouTube and then also post the video on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and everywhere else,”


You pick one channel — one social media site — and sit there. Never pick up the metaphorical remote and click away from there. You define that as “taking effort”. While you complain that you no longer see the things you used to see, in the order they were posted, because something something algorithm, you won’t type in the name of the page or the person to check their timeline, and you certainly won’t go all the way over to their website to see if they’ve posted something new. If it doesn’t passively cross your eyeballs, it ceases to exist.

This is one of the reasons I’m off of social media and blogging again. Thanks for making conscious choices and taking the minimal effort required to read this. All the posts are in chronological order and as an extra bonus, there are no spammy ads. Welcome to the revolution.

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