No One’s Bleeding and Nothing’s On Fire

The other night, Katie and I were both exhausted by around 7:30 pm. Neither of us had done anything strenuous. We weren’t sick. The Long Dark is essentially over, so it wasn’t the fatigue that comes from having no sunlight. Nothing is wrong, no one’s bleeding and nothing’s on fire. So we crawled into bed. She was asleep by 9 pm and I watched a movie on my tablet until about 10:30 pm. The next morning we were much better for it.

I have a theory that we’re suffering from some sort of existential boredom. We both have a pretty regimented work schedule. The majority of our work is done in this small apartment. I am sitting in this chair pretty much from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed, getting up to stretch and eat and go to the toilet. Where I was nodding off sitting here, even when trying to take a break and watch a movie, I had no trouble staying away to watch a movie in bed.

So we’re going to try breaking things up more. During the Long Dark, we just don’t want to go out. Right now we’re in the coldest part of the year, where the temperatures have been averaging about -15, so we really don’t want to be outside unless we have to. Yet we need to. Instead of making one big, efficient trip out, we’re breaking things into several, inefficient trips.

Today I’m working in a cafe while Katie’s in class. The original plan was to go have lunch when she’s done, hit a couple of museums (free admission on Friday!), then go grocery shopping. We went out for lunch on Wednesday instead, a short walk up to the corner pizza pub. Visiting the museums is still a go for today. but we’re going to do the grocery shopping tomorrow. It takes a little more time away from our work, and costs a little more in bus fare, but it’s worth it. Breaking up the routine will pay off in increased productivity.

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