My Favorite Things This Week – 11 February 2018

Welcome to the one day of the week where I try to tune out all of the negativity and focus on the things that make me happy! Here are my favorite things this week, 11 February 2018.

  • I was reading an old tabletop roleplaying game from the 1980s. There was a blurb stating that if you had any questions, they should be phrased in a way that could be answered yes or no and mailed to the address provided. Be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope, and they’ll get back to you. No email back then, no social media, not even phone support. I am considering doing this on a future game, just to make peoples’ heads explode.
  • It’s technically not one of my favorite things, but I figured out how I injured my arm a few weeks ago. I somehow pulled a muscle and had a bruise that ran from my bicep down to the inside of my elbow. We thought maybe I did it carrying heavy bags of groceries home. No, I now realize that I did it while rather violently throwing the mentada de madre at the television news. This is why I haven’t been watching the news. I figured it out when Katie was telling me an infuriating story she’d read about a dirtbag celebrity and I instinctively started to make the gesture. When it clicked, it made me laugh.
  • Since the second season of Westworld is coming in April, I’ve started re-watching the first season. You know a show is well written when you can watch it again and be rewarded for it. There are so many small things that only make sense in retrospect, tiny elements that were set up so well in order to pay off in later episodes. Brilliant.
  • Happiness isn’t things, but on Friday I decided that I might want to buy myself something shiny just because. I ended up not buying anything, because I didn’t spot anything I wanted or even anything I suddenly realized I needed, but it was nice knowing that I had some “walking around” money and could have bought myself something if I wanted to.
  • On that same note, Katie telling me that she needs something and being able to say “okay, let’s look for that when we’re out grocery shopping”, because we have a little bit of disposable income and don’t have to save up and budget for things outside of the essentials like rent and groceries.

That’s it for this week’s favorite things. Tune in tomorrow for regularly scheduled weekday blog posts, and come back next Sunday for another thrilling edition of my favorite things of the week!


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