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Okay folks, I’ve been poking around looking for personal blogs, small group blogs, and generally any site that’s blog-like and not run by a corporation. Google is not helpful, because its algorithms want to show me pages that get the most traffic, and no matter how I tweak my search parameters will not help me find small, vanity blogs. Blogrolls don’t exist as a thing any more, so I can go to blogs I like and see who they connect with. There aren’t a lot of “networks” any more, and very few blog carnivals. Which means that there really aren’t many mechanisms left for discovering new blogs.

So I’m turning to you for recommendations. If you run an active blog, post a link and a little bit on what it’s about in the comments. Tell me about blogs that you follow and absolutely love, post links and descriptions in the comments. If you know of ways to find blogs (beyond WordPress’s feeble recommendations on their site), leave a comment and a link. Help me find what’s out there.

At this point I’m not limiting topics. I don’t care what people are blogging about. All I care is that they’re real people, and running their own page. I don’t care that a celebrity write a regular column on media-shill-dot-com or that there’s a cool person creating great content for corporate-click-bait-dot-com or any of that. I definitely don’t want to know about blogs that were cool, but haven’t been updated in forever. Living pages. Grassroots. DIY. Homegrown. That’s what’s seeking this time around.

Thanks in advance, folks. And spread the word. If you have friends who are (still) into blogging, ask them for recommendations and point them in this direction. I have no idea what I’m going to do with this information just yet, but I want to know who’s still out there plugging away.

12 thoughts on “Recommend Some Great Blogs Worth Following

  1. Did you get my comment with a couple of good recommendations, or did connection-reset eat it? If you didn’t I’ll come back and rewrite it, because I didn’t think to copy it before clicking post. 🙁

  2. Ok, I have to run out now, but I will be back in the evening and retype the recommendations since just posting links would be sort of boring.

  3. I follow Lone Wolf role playing on Google+. A large number of gamers post on the site. Also, a number of indie game publishers post on the site or are linked to on the site. Granted, Google+ is not a blog but most of the posts link back to blogs.

  4. I’ve tweaked the settings, but WordPress doesn’t want to let a comment with more than two hyperlinks go through. So here’s what Veronika emailed me, broken into parts:

    All right, here we go again! My blog, Eat The Roses is updated intermittently, but hopefully more often now that I have time and we are done moving for the foreseeable future. I write about food, plants, moving around the world, my hate for woo, and in particular my hate for woo in food and food law, rantily. It’s here:

    One of my all-time favorite blogs to read for pleasure is Plants Are The Strangest People by Mr. Subjunctive, who is a gay horticulturalist that lives in Iowa (I think) with his husband and over a thousand houseplants. He names his Anthuriums after drag queens (or at least he used to). He writes about plants with wit, humor, and a lot of awesome and lengthy footnotes. Blog is great for looking up houseplant care, or just reading it for sake of enjoying the funnies. It’s here:

  5. I’ve tweaked the settings, but WordPress doesn’t want to let a comment with more than two hyperlinks go through. So here’s what Veronika emailed me, broken into parts:

    Another blog I read in spurts every few months to catch up is Walden Effect by Anna and Mark. Anna is a fiction/nonfiction writer with a background in environmental biology, and Mark is a handyman-inventor who makes chicken waterers that do not get clogged up by poop, and they have been homesteading for over a decade, with mixed but generally good success. They don’t make it out to be glamorous, and candidly explain how much work it is to feed two people by growing your own food. It’s a very interesting read, despite the format and design of the site being frankly godawful. It’s here:

    Someone a friend of mine knows personally, and whom I know over the internet (a very nice Finnish biologist educated in Sweden named Iida), writes a fantastic anti-woo pro-science blog called Thoughtscapism. Very very recommended. Located here:

  6. I’ve tweaked the settings, but WordPress doesn’t want to let a comment with more than two hyperlinks go through. So here’s what Veronika emailed me, broken into parts:

    T has a blog called Akademiska synpunkter, but it is in Swedish, and is a mixed political commentary and book reviews updated infrequently but fairly regularly. It’s here:

    I may come back with a few more once I go through my reader and am reminded of what else I read.

  7. I’m on a similar quest for blogs to read. The big list is up on Nuketown:

    In terms of how to keep up with them, I’m going Old School and using an RSS aggregator called Feedly. It’s a spiritual successor to Google Reader. Like Reader, it makes keeping up with my favorite blogs a lot easier than manually surfing to each one.

    As far as stuff to read, I’m focused primarily on RPG blogs. Stealing from myself, here are a few of my go-to sites:

    Campaign Mastery: Advice for creating and running a campaign. Topics include weather, in-game legacies, house rules, and much more.

    Dyson’s Dodecahedron: A constant inspiration when it comes to cartography, Dyson’s site is home to truly impressive collection of home-grown maps.

    Gnome Stew: A venerable gaming blog and the spiritual successor to Treasure Tables. Features a ton of great advice and a supporting podcast.


  8. I’ve got several blogs, but the one I update the most often is Adventures Fantastic The focus is on fantasy and pulp fiction. I review some books (although I’m doing less of that these days) along with commentary and the occasional news items.

    The other blogs I write focus on science fiction, mystery, and the history of Texas and the Southwest. I don’t update as often as I used to due to work and family commitments. Adventures Fantastic has links at the top of the page.

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