Take a Free Crash Course in Media Literacy

Katie and I both talk a lot about critical thinking and cultural contexts. She does so on the podcast and in her social media, I tend to rant more here and in the zine. I also tend to lament the state of willful ignorance on display in the online world as well. A lot of what we’re both ranting about boils down to media literacy, or a lack thereof. People either take things at face value, don’t check the credibility of sources, or apply their own lenses and filters to warp and distort things.

The YouTube channel Crash Course has just started a new series called Introduction to Media Literacy. The first video came out today, and it’s only about 10 minutes long. Please watch it, and tell your friends and family to watch it, and help get a conversation going. I have no stake in this, they are not paying me to promote this series in any way, but I think media literacy is vitally important if the Free World has any hope of existing in the future.


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