My Favorite Things This Week – 4 March 2018

Next week’s favorite things will be about my most favorite person! On Sunday 11 March Katie and I will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary! Here are my favorite things this week – 4 March 2018.

  • It’s going to sound sick and twisted that this is one of my favorite things, but I’m glad a teacher in Georgia fired off a gun in school and barricaded himself in a classroom until police came to get him. No one was hurt, which is why I’m okay with putting it on my list. Why does this make me happy? Because it made at least some of the people who were in favor of arming teachers pause for a beat and rethink their position. Things ended well this time, but we’re all thinking about what could happen next time.
  • The journal that I’ve been keeping, which uses a format I’ve come up with myself over time, bears a strong resemblance to a bullet journal. So much so that I’ve been reading bullet journal tips and tricks and adapting them to my own purposes. The best productivity system is the one you use, so I’m not going to switch over to a bullet journal entirely. I’ve mainly adapted using the cheap journal because the Franklin planner I used when I was in the corporate world — which the company paid for — is just too damned expensive for me.
  • The YouTube channel Crash Course is offering a free Introduction to Media Literacy series. The first episode is out, and it looks promising. I wrote about it earlier in the week, but the topic is important enough that I feel it bears repeating.
  • The first issue of The Foragers Journal went out on Friday. It’s the official, newly relaunched newsletter of Dancing Lights Press. If you’re at all interested in my tabletop roleplaying game work, subscribe, or at least pass it along to interested parties. It’s free!
  • And then there’s Laverne Cox’s new video.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Things This Week – 4 March 2018

  1. Apparently Trump wants to restrict violent video games as a cause of social violence. I thought that argument was dead along with comic books and rock music as causes of teen violence. Art is a reflection
    of social values and an influence of social change, it is not a direct cause of individual behavior. Edvard Munch did not cause screaming teenagers.

  2. It’s easier to blame something that seems a bit tawdry and morally questionable on the surface than to admit that the thing you like is the actual problem. Especially if the makers of that think are stuffing money into your pockets.

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