Amazing Deal on the GM’s Day Worldbuilder Bundle

My all-time best-selling title, Setting Design, is included in the GM’s Day Worldbuilder Bundle at DriveThruRPG. For only $5.95 US you get it, the Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding, and the GM’s Planet-Building Book. Yeah. Three great books on worldbuilding for an amazing price. You cannot beat this deal with a stick.

A few days ago I wrote that I had an opportunity fall into my lap, and this is it. This is a chance to gain a wider audience, people who may not have heard of Dancing Lights Press before, or who might not have taken a chance on any of my books otherwise. In including my book in this bundle, during their biggest sale of the year (yes, bigger than Christmas and Christmas in July), they’re providing validation if not explicit endorsement.

My hope had been to get the book re-edited in time for the sale — the “losing a couple of days of productivity” that I talked about in the prior post. I have not quite made it, but a revised edition will get pushed before the end of the sale. What I did manage to do was get “virtual flyers” for the Foragers Guild Guide Patreon and The Foragers Journal newsletter slipped in there. Hopefully this will lead to folks checking out some of my other books.

Even though the book is a best seller and well-reviewed, I still have some anxiety about how it will be received by new people. I always do. It’s a great book, and I’m proud of it, but I know that my stuff doesn’t conform to expectations. Cue one of those conversations about conformity to the market versus creative free expression, and the Corman-like lack of resources required to compete with the big publishers versus the expectations of production value they create, and all that.

Get your GM’s Day Worldbuilder Bundle here! 

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