High Functioning, Still Broken

For various reasons I haven’t been doing any “second posts” this week. There is, as always, opportunity cost; if I’m writing a blog post, what else am I not working on? If I don’t have something fresh to add to a conversation, I’ll stay off the bandwagon. This is also part of my desire to produce more signal and less noise. Some of it is wanting to take a beat before commenting, doing some research before running off at the mouth. This means some things will end up in HUBRIS, for good or ill. A lot, though, stems from the fact that too much of the world feels fundamentally broken right now, and I can’t see where there’s any point in speaking up.

As an example, there’s the deeply troubling survey that Facebook was conducting. Should they allow adult men to solicit nudes from 14 year old girls? Seriously, they asked that. Actually, they asked how it should be handled. Answers available included “this content should be allowed” and “I have no preference”. Just asking the question shows that something is profoundly wrong. The range of answers is a pit from hell. The notion of having to explain why only reinforces how pervasively creepy the world has become. Is this not self-evident? That Facebook characterizes the survey as “a mistake”, which is so much of an understatement it’s offensive, shows that the company has no moral compass.

Over on Twitter, where I escape to watch drag queens banter, I watched one of my favorite queens get threatened. Someone said they’d be at an upcoming show, lurking in the crowd, and would throw acid in her face. Creepy bits, like not seeing the attacker coming, and “you don’t know what I’m capable of”, scattered in. Sick stuff. The queen reported this clear and obvious threat to Twitter. They responded within four minutes saying they saw no terms of service violation. What? Nope, nothing wrong with that tweet. Eventually the would-be attacker’s account was suspended after many, many more people reported the threat, but come on. How is that not an instant perma-ban? Someone’s going to say he was joking, and I’m going to say a swift an immediate ban issued to people who “joke” like that would go a long way toward cleaning up the culture.

I’m just sort of accepting defeat now. This is how people are. They find this stuff acceptable. “Free speech” or some similar rationalization. I can’t even get myself worked up into a rage about it. I suddenly remember that I have high-functioning depression. Day to day I get things done, things are objectively going well for me, but there’s not a lot of joy to be found. The world is high-functioning but also highly broken. Everything is awful and everyone is terrible, but life still goes on.

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