Why Does This Bother Me?

So after my last post, a handful of people unfriended me on Facebook. A couple of them actually blocked me. I know this because I have a browser extension that notifies me of these things. It’s not that I sought this function out specifically, but the extension offers a suite of desirable features that includes making the timeline chronological and blocking ads. Anyway, I did say that I wasn’t willing to get into arguments about the views expressed in the post. I’d much rather they walk away from me than create drama. Why does this bother me? My feelings aren’t particularly hurt, but I have to say that I’m disappointed. I thought these people were more open-minded, tolerant, and accepting.

Okay, maybe they unfriended me for other reasons. It’s possible. The only thing I post anymore are these blog updates, and that’s handled automatically by WordPress. I rarely leave comments. Once or twice per day I go there to check messages, because there are people I have to stay in touch with who absolutely refuse to use email. Lots of people are doing purges these days, and since I’m mostly inactive I can see where I’d get the chop.

But all on the same day? And blocked? Seriously?

What I infer from this is that the topic of that post is a hot button issue for them. It can’t be the cumulative effect of my ranting that they find off-putting, because I reserve the majority of my political and activist-oriented writing for HUBRIS. Sure, maybe they rage-quit me because of my opinions on depression, media, productivity, or blogging. That could happen. It’s easier to believe that its because of my support for transgender people.

This theory — because honestly, without contacting them and asking all I can do is speculate here — became more credible when I realized that the people who blocked me are real-world friends with someone who told me off and stopped talking to me several years ago.┬áThat person, whom I only knew online, went off on me because I was friends with a particular trans woman he had a problem with. I was told that I was a horrible person because I was unwilling to denounce someone I’d known face-to-face for several years over an internet rumor. I wanted to withhold judgment until I had some facts.

Putting these pieces together just makes me tired and sad. I’m not going to go down a rabbit hole and obsess about it. I’m sharing because, well, I’m still having my coffee and waking up and enjoying the sunshine coming in the window. This is on my mind, and if feeds into larger, ongoing conversations about rudeness, cruelty, and willful ignorance. I’m kind of purging it from my brain here so I can just get to work and get on with my day.

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