My Current Weekly Journal Setup

My weekly journal setup is largely dependent upon my monthly spread. I tend to only fill out one week at a time, so that my daily pages can take up as much or as little space as they need. It is more detailed than my monthly spread, but less detailed that the daily pages, project pages, or trackers.

The left-hand page of a weekly spread looks a lot like the monthly, with a few key differences. Instead of writing the name of the month across the top, I write “Week of month date-date”, like “Week of March 11-17”. In one column I add a quick calendar. I write S M T W T F, then below I add three lines: last week’s dates, this week’s dates, and next week’s days. Something like this (but much smaller):

4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Below that, as with the monthly spread, I add events for the week. These get copied from the monthly, may get added to over the course of the week, and will eventually be transferred to the daily. They may not be in order, which would drive some people nuts, but the important part is that the information has been captured.

In the other column I add the project focus. This isn’t the same information as the monthly. It will be more targeted. The monthly will have all of the projects for the month. The weekly will only list the projects I need to touch this week. It may also be broken down into the specific pieces of the project that I need to deal with this week. This is why it’s the focus column, not the “worry about everything looming in the future” column.

At the bottom of the column, working up, will be a list of relevant project pages and trackers. Again, not all things for the month will be necessary for the week. Narrow the scope and expand the detail as you get into smaller time frames.

There may or may not be an opposite page. It depends on what’s going on. Generally, if there are unusual things going on that I need to keep track of, I will include a page for trackers and notes. For example, if a friend is out of town and I need to walk their dog every day and water the plants every third day, I will draw and label boxes and check them off when those tasks are done. I color-code these trackers, too, so I can make notes. If the plant-watering tracker is green and I have a note, I will write it in green. If there’s nothing special going on, the opposing page just turns into the Sunday daily page.

Tomorrow I’ll get more into the daily spreads. If you have any comments or suggestions for weekly spreads, or would like to talk about how you set up your own monthly journal spread, leave a comment below!

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