My Favorite Things This Week – 18 March 2018

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been sick. All I’ve wanted to do is sleep. I’ve got friends who are Going Through Things™ and I’ve been trying to help them out as I’m able, which generally means being a sounding board and offering any advice I can come up with. There has also been drama, and while I will tolerate some of it for the sake of people genuinely having a hard time, there is just some rudeness, cruelty, and willful ignorance that I am over, and I’m about to intervene on behalf of my friends who are far too nice and way too tolerant of romper room tomfoolery.

When coupled with deadlines and errands and things that must be done, it means that I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and enjoy myself. So here is my very abbreviated list of my favorite things this week – 18 March 2018.

  • I have made it a whopping 3 episodes into the second season of Jessica Jones. So far, I think I’m liking it better than the first season, but only because it’s such a juxtaposition from that season. Last time we had the trope inversion of knowing who the villain was early on, and then having to deal with it. This time we have a more traditional structure, where we have to figure out who the villain is and what’s going on, which allows Jessica to show off her investigative skills. I’m looking forward to finding the time to finish this season.
  • For reasons I won’t get into (see things and drama, above) I have been listening to albums, and watching music videos by, drag queens. Especially those of the “this is who I am, if you don’t like it that’s you’re problem, I’m living my best life and enjoying the hell out of myself doing it” variety. Because seriously, we should all get to be ourselves in spite of social constructs telling us otherwise.
  • I’ve been slowly picking my way through Helen Wecker’s The Golem and the Djinn. This is a book that I’ve wanted to read for years. I feel like I want to rent a hotel room and lock myself in for a couple of days, so I can read it without interruption. Literary fiction masquerading as genre fiction really is my jam. Maybe I’m pretentious, but the writing is beautiful and the story is compelling.
  • Dancing Lights Press now has THREE Gold Best Sellers at DriveThruRPG. Less than 2% of the titles there ever reach this milestone (it’s more like gold records in the music industry, rather than New York Times best sellers). To celebrate, you can buy them in a bundle right now for 50% off. Tell your friends. It’s nice to have social proof that I’m doing well, because I’m still largely an unknown even within this niche industry.

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