Planning a Vacation

This year I have aspirations to take a vacation. Not to go anywhere, necessarily, but to have some time off to rest, relax, and heal. I want to spend my days reading books, taking walks, and listening to music. I’ve started planning the sort of vacation that I’d like to take, and while it will seem radical, it’s entirely doable.

I’m targeting July, which is when everyone in Finland takes vacation. A lot of small businesses are closed. Only essential government offices are open. Many places have limited hours, open either fewer hours per day, fewer days per week, or both.

Not a week or two in July. The entire month of July. I’m learning to stop apologizing for having the benefits of self-employment, because I’ve worked hard to get here. I work long hours six days per week to make this happen. It will take a lot of extra work between now and then to be able to pull this off. So yeah, I’m leveraging and celebrating my ability to do this.

April, May, and June can be leveraged to generate two additional releases for the Foragers Guild Patreon. I can upload those and schedule them to be posted. I can do the same for releasing those titles on DriveThruRPG and Amazon.

I could either put together an extra issue of HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror in that time, a few extra articles every month, or skip a month. Topics wouldn’t be timely, so it would be an issue on general topics, deeper cuts, or reflections about ongoing issues. Again, scheduled on Patreon and Amazon.

There are five Sundays in July, so Katie and I would have to put together six episodes of the podcast. Those could be scheduled on Patreon and YouTube. There are enough generic topics that we could cover.

For this blog, I could schedule reruns. I could build up two or three new posts per week, skip the Sunday favorites, and fill the rest of the week with other posts. All automated by WordPress.

I could pay for a Buffer account for the month, to handle posts to Facebook and Twitter. WordPress already handles social media for blog posts. I could get a paid Buffer account and schedule social media announcements to coincide with the game stuff, the zine, and the podcasts. Hell, that’s not to far removed from the way I use social media now. The difference is that I wouldn’t be responding to comments and messages.

More radically, I would like to put all devices away as much as is practical. Keep the TV off, stay away from the internet. Buy paper books to read so I can avoid my tablet. Stop looking things up on my phone. Stream some music, and that’s about it. Enjoy the quiet.

In the event that something goes sideways, I am also considering hiring a virtual personal assistant for the month. Empower them to deal with things. If something doesn’t post as scheduled, they can fix it. Unless someone is bleeding or something’s on fire, they won’t even need to contact me. That part of my job isn’t rocket science.

Does this make me sound like a jerk, or is that just the workaholic part of my brain talking?

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