No Favorite Things Today

Clearly, there’s no favorite things post this week. It’s well past the regular posting time, and it’s currently 11:30 pm local time. I’m going to bed soon. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t have any favorite things this week. I just ran out of time. I’m on deadline at the moment, trying to get the next issue of HUBRIS ready for release on Wednesday, and pushing to get CLERIC THEORY out on Friday. Never schedule two projects for release on the same week if you can help it, kids.

On top of that I’ve got errands to run not once, not twice, but three times this week. Three days where I’ll be out of the office doing necessary things, cutting into my work time. I’m doing some stock-up grocery shopping early in the week because Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday are all national holidays in Finland, and I can’t count on stores being open of buses running on their advertised schedule.

Yes, I’m taking the 4-day weekend off. Sort of. Aside from recording two podcast episodes, one for Easter and one for April Fool’s Day (we hate April Fool’s Day) and doing boring-but-required business accounting crap (so that it’s out of my way and doesn’t cut into my writing time when the weekend’s over), I’m hoping to just chill out. That just means that the next four days are going to be 16-hour grinds. The joy of being self-employed.

The blog is likely going to be erratic for the rest of the coming week as well. I have a topic list. Those posts may or may not get written and posted at the anointed hour. It may be that I freestyle things, like I’m doing now, as I can find the time. I’m thinking that it might be fun to do an end-of-day log like this for a week, just to experiment with it.


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