What To Do With Social Media

What am I going to do about my social media? Because I have people in my life addicted to specific platforms, deleting my accounts is akin to deleting them from my life. It’s a hostage situation carefully orchestrated by Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, and it’s frustrating to those of us not suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

At this point WordPress is doing all of my posting to Facebook and Twitter for me. It’s a convenient way to let the small handful of people the algorithms allow to see my posts know that I’m still alive and I still have a blog. Not that they’ll click a link and leave their network of choice. It’s more like I’m waving to them from my website.

I’ve got scripts now that delete old Facebook and Twitter posts. I run them once a month. My need extends to letting people know that I have a new book or podcast or blog post out. That content doesn’t need to stay up forever. It can be erased at the end of the month.

My alerts are set to let me know when someone sends me a private message or comments on the WordPress robo-posts. I will go to Facebook and Twitter to see those, but whenever possible I’ll respond to people via email or some other form. I want the smallest footprint possible on social media.

Someone said that I’m not being fair to my friends who post there. That’s probably true. I’m missing out on things happening in their lives. If it’s important enough for them to be upset with me, though, it’s probably the sort of thing they should contact me directly about rather than putting it out into the ether and hoping I see it. I know I kind of sound like a dick there. I don’t really care any more.

I don’t want to have to wade through a mountain of retweeted clickbait, ignorant comments, and game requests to see that a woman I went to high school with had a baby or a coworker’s son graduated from college or that my great-aunt passed away. Social media gives those events exactly equal weight as cat memes, political rants, and crap that should have been vetted by Snopes or Politifact before sharing. Less, if the garbage gets more likes, shares, and comments than the genuine, meaningful posts.

Yes, I’m aware that for someone who hates social media I spend an awful lot of time discussing social media. I want to keep this down to a dull roar, but in the wake of the #DeleteFacebook thing and my post yesterday about taking a retreat, people have been asking.

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