How I’m Using My Hiatus Productively

This is just a quick pop-in to let everyone know how things are going. This quasi-retreat restructuring of both my work schedule and my life needs is quite pleasant. I’m listening to nothing but silence, with occasional nature sounds and Tibetan singing bowls when I need a little white noise. I’m putting the wraps on the final issue of HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror, which will be released next week. That will dovetail into my plans for this space, which I want to share with you. I’m using this hiatus productively.

First, though, I found this quote by blogger karigee, via kottke, on why she continues to keep a blog:

“I also keep it out of spite, because I refuse to let social media take everything. Those shapeless, formless platforms haven’t earned it and don’t deserve it. I’ve blogged about this many times, but I still believe it: When I log into Facebook, I see Facebook. When I visit your blog, I see you.”

Well said.

After HUBRIS is off my plate once and for all, my attention will turn back to this space. I think that I’ve figured out a true purpose for keeping a personal blog for the first time ever. I’ll be returning to the previous subtitle-slash-manifesto of simplify – create – thrive. This isn’t going to be an author blog or affiliated with my work or business in any direct way. What I’ll be writing about in this space is going to be a direct outgrowth of my meditation practice, my self-care routine, and my desire to connect with people. I’ll add to it as I have the need, and the time, outside of office hours on evenings and weekends. It will continue to be my social media substitute and my outreach to the world.

As I’m cleaning up my workload and engaging in some long overdue self-work, I’m finding topics that I want to write about. I’m keeping a list of them in my journal, and at some point I’ll sort them into series. That’s how I’m going to tackle this blog for a while. I’ll write a series of posts on one subject, related to simplifying my life, engaging with my creativity, or learning how to thrive with what I have. Things will get posted as I finish them and am satisfied with them. The content I share will be things that I feel might be useful, or at least entertaining, for you.

The first series will be about self-care as viewed through the lens of the Noble Eightfold Path. It’s not just for Buddhists, don’t worry. It’s about keeping your life in perspective, and the need to take care of yourself not just for your own sake, but the sake of others around you. It’ll be more fun than it sounds. Trust me.

Thanks for hanging in while I’m getting things back in order. I hope you’re doing well. Leave comments. Subscribe. Tell your friends. See you soon.

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