Self-Care: Start a Bullet Journal

Today’s act of self-care has been to start a bullet journal. I’m not migrating to a new book, but just moving forward in my existing journal. One of the strengths of the bullet journal format is that you can start where and when you are. It’s flexible, so you can try things, add things, and adapt spreads and trackers as you better understand your needs.

Last month I put everything that wasn’t essential to earning a living or taking care of myself on hold. I’ve organized those few vital things so that I’m only looking at what I need to on any given day. Everything gets documented, nothing gets forgotten, but I’m not overwhelmed. The bullet journal allows me to focus and be present in the moment.

Self-Care: Start a Bullet Journal

This is something I want to write more about going forward, after I’ve used this new (to me) system for a while. I am maintaining two journals, one for work and one for personal things. Because I work from home, this allows me to separate things a bit. I don’t see personal things when I’m a work, using my work journal, and I don’t see work tasks when I’m on my own time. I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now, and it’s working.

In addition to bullet journaling, I’m also free writing in the morning, as a warm-up before I go to work. Hand-in-hand with that is blogging. You’ve already seen my affirmation posts, which I also use in conjunction with my meditation practice (another topic to write about, later). This series is another outgrowth of my journaling.

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