I Deserve to Have Joy in My Life

I deserve to have joy in my life. My self-worth is tied to my basic humanity, not my job title, my accomplishments, or my financial status. If I believe that all people are innately entitled to dignity, respect, and happiness, then I need to believe that I am deserving as well.

This Affirmation Helps Me to Simplify

I deserve to have joy in my life. To get it I need to let go of the things that bring me pointless grief. As much of my time and energy as possible needs to be directed toward the things that are constructive, satisfying, and beneficial. To simplify means that I have removed the things that don’t bring me joy, to make more space for the things that do.

This Affirmation Helps Me to Create

I deserve to have joy in my life. Creating things energizes me and gives me a sense of completion and satisfaction. Both the journey of making things and the completed project ke my life pleasant and meaningful. When I make something useful to share with others, that happiness will spread. To create means to make things that I enjoy making, that also bring joy to other people.

This Affirmation Helps Me to Thrive

I deserve to have joy in my life. By focusing on the good things that I have and my life and feeling grateful for them, I can find my way through other things that are difficult and painful. Hardship only makes me appreciate the good things even more, for the precious gifts that they are. To thrive means to be able to appreciate the joy that already exists in my life.

I Deserve to Have Joy in My Life

There is a body of peer-reviewed work in the field of social psychology that indicates self-affirmation can reduce a person’s stress response. It doesn’t affect short-term mood or long-term self-esteem, but it does create a buffer against everyday stressors. It won’t magically make your dreams come true. You cannot change the world around you with your thoughts. Affirmations can help you to reframe your thinking and help you to focus your actions. The greatest effects come when affirmations reinforce your values and priorities.

Is This Affirmation Helpful to You?

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