Self-Care: Take a Walk, Rain or Shine

The weather here has finally turned pleasant. Most of the snow has melted, the lake has thawed, and the sun rises at 5 a.m. I want to have the windows open all the time. It’s the time of year that I want to take a walk, rain or shine, every single day.

During the winter here in Finland, I hate going outside. It’s not the cold that I mind so much, it’s the bundling up. There’s a Finnish saying that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing, and it’s true, but it’s a pain. Thermal underwear, layers of sweaters and coats, hats and scarves and gloves and occasionally a balaclava. You get too hot and you start to sweat, so you hurry to get outside. You’re finally comfortable, but then you go back inside and immediately start peeling so you don’t overheat. It’s easier to just stay inside.

Self-Care: Take a Walk, Rain or Shine

So you can understand what a treat it is to just be able to go. A light jacket or a sweatshirt at most. Well, pants. And shoes. You get the idea. No huge production just to leave the building, and no panic to get free before you melt. It’s a matter of making the time to do it that’s the issue.

I’ve got a lake outside my window, maybe 200 meters away. There are woods all around me. It’s a 10 minute walk down to the local shopping center, and a 45 minute walk downtown. I can, reasonably, have a nice walk in an hour. What I want to do is take a day off and just wander aimlessly around the city. Spend a day getting lost, discovering things, seeing what I can see. Until then, I’m taking small walks whenever I can.

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