Here’s an Update on My Exhaustion and Recovery

I wanted to give you an update on my exhaustion and recovery.

It’s been not quite two months since I crashed and burned out.

My original expectation was that I could slow down, catch up, and be back to “normal” within a couple of weeks.

I cut everything out of my schedule except binding obligations, the things I needed to do to pay the bills, and much-needed self work.

All of the unavoidable commitments are now complete and off my plate.

I thought that at this point I’d start adding back-burnered projects back in.

I’m actually still making cuts.

It’s one of those situations where in addressing the damage you keep finding more, deeper damage.

I’m fine. I’m okay. Things are going well. I’d just like to keep it that way.

Taking time to reevaluate my priorities has been one of the best decisions I could have made.

It’s task minimalism. Do fewer things, but do them better.

My public-facing projects break down like this:

I’m writing books for Dancing Lights Press.

That pays the bills. I’m going to change a few things around, but that’s another conversation for another day.

I’m writing this blog.

That’s an act of self-care. Things here will evolve, but again, that’s another update for another day.

Katie’s sort of taking the lead on the podcast, which is why it continues to exist.

Everything else is officially cancelled as of now.

Not put on hold, set aside until later, or consigned to Development Hell.

I need to be present, focused on what has to be done in this moment.

That’s hard to do when there are open loops.

A project that is in some capacity still live makes me feel that I have to either work on it or make a plan to work on it.

A dead project is safely out of my brain, as if it were complete.

I’m not saying I’ll never get back to those things, but I’m also not going to swear that I’ll ever get back to them.

This isn’t really an earth-shattering revelation. I’m focused on doing my day job during relatively normal office hours. Evenings and weekends I relax, unwind, and deal with my issues.

Thanks for the support you’ve provided so far.

Thanks for sticking with me.

More to come.

I originally tried writing this as a “normal” blog post, but it didn’t flow. The voice was either too formal or too casual. So I wrote out the things I wanted to say as bullet points. That felt right, so I just stayed with it.

One thought on “Here’s an Update on My Exhaustion and Recovery

  1. The majority of my blog posts start out like this sometimes they get fleshed out, or they get pruned and the bits arranged in different posts – like an organ donor post. It works and it reflects the reality of my creative process. Early drafts of fiction look similar as I break up dialogue with line breaks and get it out as fast as I can with out regards to quotation marks or punctuation in general.

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