Self-Care: Sit Quietly in Nature

Today’s self-care prompt is telling me to sit quietly in nature. Fortunately, we’re in the time of year where I can do that. Katie and I both celebrate the ability to go outside without several layers of clothing, hats, scarves, gloves, boots, and other assorted bulk. Just a few days ago everything suddenly turned green, and there are people down at the beach splashing in the water from early in the morning until late at night. It’s glorious.

Even at the coldest, darkest part of the winter I try to get outside at least once per day. I walk everywhere as much as I can. At this time of the year I like to walk all the way downtown, stopping at every lake and pond to feed oats to the ducks, savoring the sunshine and cool breezes. I do my best to be present, to slow down, to savor this fleeting season. Everyone wants to be outside as much as possible, while the weather is willing to accommodate those desires.

Sit Quietly in Nature

If living in Finland has taught me anything, it’s to appreciate that all things are temporary. Appreciate the sunshine, because winter will come around again before you want it to. Enjoy the snow when it’s fresh and white and pretty, because it will get trampled on, turn to slush, and eventually melt. Summer has to be savored because it will turn to winter. And winter’s not so hard to endure, because we know that summer will come back around in time. Love every moment, enjoy every season, for what it is. Take nothing for granted, be present, and seize every opportunity to appreciate little pleasures before they slip away.

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One thought on “Self-Care: Sit Quietly in Nature

  1. I was telling my wife this week something that relates to this. I grew up used to eternal summer and being able to do outdoorsy things year-round. Then I moved to the Midwest and I learned about seasons, real seasons, and I learn about wintering, and the joy of spring, about summer days where you almost enjoying sweating and autumn sunsets where the fields glow as if on fire. I miss that. So much. Florida let’s us be outside all year long, but it’s so hot that it’s uncomfortable. Also it’s very flat, and I need mountains. Although I intend to take advantage of the springs in the central Florida area at some point this summer. All this to say I, too, need to spend more time with nature.

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