Self-Care: Watch the Sunrise

Whoever wrote this self-care prompt has clearly never lived in the Nordics. To watch the sunrise today would have required me to get up at 4:21 am. It’s light long before the sun gets above the horizon, though. I woke up the other night at around 3 in the morning and it was already getting light outside. The sun didn’t officially get last night until 10:04 pm, but it was still light until after 11.

On the shortest day last year, the sun rose at 9:44 in the morning and set at 2:47 in the afternoon. Calling it a sunrise is both generous and a technicality. Because of the angle of the sun in relation to our spot on Earth, the light was thin. Being winter, it was probably overcast as well. It’s not a pretty sunrise. It’s barely even light. No one is leaving work and running outside to see that.

Watch the Sunrise

Here’s how I’m going to interpret this one: Appreciate the things that happen right under our noses every day, that we take for granted because of their ubiquity. I do watch the sunrise, and the sunset, during that sweet spot on the calendar when they take place at an accessible hour. I am grateful to see them because they’re not something I can go outside and experience every day.

That ubiquitous thing doesn’t have to be the sunrise, though. Take a moment to appreciate anything of beauty that’s around you. Spend a minute looking at the houseplants that have just become part of the background. Look at the art and photos that you hung on the walls once upon a time, that are now just visual noise that you tune out. Have some quiet time looking at things that are always there, and enjoy them.

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