Write Down a Powerful Quote for Inspiration

One of my odd quirks is that I write mission and vision statements for every project I take on. Sometimes I’ll find an appropriate quote that inspires those declarations of intent. Other times I’ll write down a powerful quote that sums up what I’m trying to do, or at least captures the spirit of the project, and use that as the foundation for the statements. Either way, how someone more eloquent and likely smarter than me turned a phrase can become a source of inspiration.

As I’ve embraced the bullet journal aesthetic, I’ve begun putting quotes on my monthly spread. I try to find something relevant to an overarching theme. It might evoke a mood, be a bit of encouragement about my current self-work, or get my pumped up about something I’m writing.

Unless something resonates with me, I don’t write it down. In the past I owned books of quotations, and had sites bookmarked. There was I time when I had a notebook full of quotes that I’d come across and liked. That’s clutter. It’s more meaningful to me to either stumble onto something organically — while reading a book, watching a documentary, and so on — or to go looking for something that suits the specific project or situations,

Write Down a Powerful Quote

For me, quotes function almost as literary theme. They resonate with me because they indicate that someone else has had the same thoughts, feelings, and experiences. People spew quotes as a form of shorthand. They might feel cliched sometimes, or too easy and a bit twee, but they have power over us for a reason: we’re all human.

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