Here’s Everything You Need to Know About My Future Blogging Plans

Through the end of the month I will continue to blog daily, completing the current “31 Days of Self-Care” series. In addition to forcing me to think about ways that I can, and do, take better care of myself, it’s gotten be back into the blogging habit. It’s allowed me to gauge my capabilities in terms of the time it requires, and it’s helped me to wrap my head around what I want to do in this space. So now that I have some data and a sense of purpose, here are my future blogging plans.

Simplify – Create – Thrive

Starting on June 4th I will be posting to this blog twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. Look for new content in the mornings, Eastern Standard Time (as opposed to my local time). I have several series that I’ve been working on, as well as some stand-alone posts. Cutting back to two per week will allow me to do some better research and editing, so the quality of the posts should increase.

There are two series that I have in the queue right now. I’m going to run them concurrently on alternate days for a little variety, rather than doing a long run of a single thing. One is on applying the concepts of the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path to self-care. It’s really about the things that I’ve done to put myself back together after The Inevitable Crash™ at the end of March.

The other series is about using a bullet journal as a tool to get your life organized, both physically and emotionally. It also draws upon my experiences recovering from The Inevitable Crash™ and the steps I’m taking to manage things better going forward. Both series will balance personal anecdotes with information that I hope is useful to you.

Dancing Lights Press

In April I participated in a 30 day tabletop roleplaying challenge. As part of that, I wrote a short daily blog post related to my life as a game designer. Even though I wasn’t supposed to be taking on new projects, it did help me get clarity about what I want to do with my business. I made some new friends, reconnected with why I love the hobby, and worked out a number of things that I hadn’t even realized I needed to work out. It was a lot of fun and I wanted to continue, but it didn’t fit into my schedule at that time.

Starting in July, I’ll be writing a weekly tabletop roleplaying blog/column for Dancing Lights Press. New posts will be available on Saturday mornings, Eastern Standard Time. Right now I have no idea what the posts will be about, but they will be of general interest to tabletop gamers. The column will probably have some title, but at least at first there won’t be any overarching theme other than roleplaying.

What Do You Want Me to Write About?

Are there any topics you’d like to to cover, either here or over on the RPG blog? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Here’s Everything You Need to Know About My Future Blogging Plans

  1. How to run traps at the game table; I can’t seem to digest enough of that.

    Other than that. Yes, all of the above, and I am already subscribed. I like those monthly challenge type things, but not the daily part of the challenge. I’m thinking of mashing up my favorite questions from a few of them (on diverse subjects) and coming up with something more in line with say 48 to 52 posts. Four a month, roughly weekly, I can and have done in the past. I want to do that again.

    Suggestions for “31 days of…” sorts of lists to draw from are welcome.

  2. I liked the questions for the Aoril TTRPG Maker Challenge

    The May RPGQ Challenge has some overlaps, but there are good questions in there

    The May Thank a Creator Challenge is just “thank a creator for something specific they did” every day. If at some point I add a third day of blogging on this site, I will adapt that to a weekly column. It could vary from an interview to a book review but be specific to “this is how this person helped me”.

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